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Jeevan Aadhar Seva Sanstha is a registered organization under charitable trust act. The organization initiated its activities giving services to the neglected and marginalized class of the society who are deprived of essentialities of living being.


JASS aims at addressing the inter-related issues of destitution and homelessness through a combination of measures pitched at the varying levels of providing support for basic and immediate needs, facilitating linkages to gainful and secure employment and activism for securing rightful entitlements. JASS also aims at enrolling as many as destitute people living with difficulties and distresses, giving services and facilities for their betterment and development there of. JASS believes that the service offered to the destitute people is social duty towards the society. The organisation intends to give them peace of mind and positive spirit towards life. The center endeavors to cultivate basic values and ethics among the people who are benefiting.

Aims and Objectives of the Organization

  1.  The first and foremost objective is to identify the destitute people in the society who are in difficulties and distressful conditions.
  2.  To these people care, support and subsequently restore a sense of belongingness of being loved.
  3.  To give these people immediate medical assistance and aid to cure their health problems.
  4. To give them facility of shelter wherever it is possible.
  5. To give knowledge about social norms in the society along with certain legal assistance to empower them on various issues.
  6. To mobilize the resources such as NGO’s, Hospitals, Civil Society Agencies and like minded individuals.
  7. The Organization also aims at creating enabling environment among the people living with distresses and in difficult circumstances.
  8. To give them opportunity to recognize themselves, express their feelings on a common platform.
  9. To organize and participate in the meetings and sharing experiences of these urban poor.
  10. To initiate and promote a movement on behalf of these urban destitute people.
  11. To create a platform for NGO’s, voluntary organizations, individual donors and like minded people to consult, discourse on issue of urban destitution and homelessness.
  12. To arrange workshops and seminars on the issue of urban destitution and homelessness.
  13. To encourage and promote social welfare activities for the up-liftment and betterment of this destitute and disabled poor who are suffering utter poverty, ignorance of the society and finally to give them opportunity to live with dignity.
  14. To help the society by way of curbing anti-social element that might arise due to increasing destitution and homelessness.
  15. To print and publish publication on the issue.

Action strategies

When the organization started working, one was aware of the fact that there would be many issues that would come to forefront only after the work begins. Therefore it was decided to allow that flexibility as work evolves. There were many issues form the struggles of homeless person for his daily survival, which demanded an integrated approach and also posed challenges along the way.

Making rounds to understand the issue and form relationships Regular rounds were made to understand various issues related to the street life. During the visits, the project staffs were able to build rapport with the people living on the pavements. Discussions with purpose were organized to identify their needs and concerns. All this was done with the objective of forming relationships with homeless and destitute population.

Formation of groups towards self help and addressing problems related to processing by the MSW.

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